Banking services that enable your growing business to have a global reach.

Multi-currency accounts | Cross-border payments | Business tools

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Multi-currency accounts

Open multi-currency accounts to receive and hold money in different currencies; NGN, USD, EUR, GBP, CNY and AED.

Cross-border payments

Make payments to suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, partners across 100+ countries, and maintain partnerships with foreign clients.

Business Tools

Everything you need to run a global business.

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Easily manage your finances

Make transfers

Easily send money to anyone in the world.

Automate payroll

Automatically pay all staff salaries at once.

Automate invoices

Create and send professional invoices to your customers.


Automate your business and accept payments from anywhere in the world.

Enjoy transparency

Easily monitor your business on Glade by watching how money comes in and where it goes.

Everything in one place

Track all orders, invoices, loans, and transactions on one screen. Get detailed reports for audits and accounting.

Bring your apps along

Easily integrate the apps you already use like Quickbooks and Xero.

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Manage digital payments

Virtual Cards

Create and manage multi-currency cards for online transactions.

Glade POS

Receive in-store payments and keep track of sales on Glade POS.

Get financial support

Easily get loans and overdrafts with flexible repayment plans.

Business Loans

Start and expand your business by taking a low-interest business loan.

Salary Loans

Your staff can get a salary loan of up to 50% of their monthly earnings.

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Why we love Glade

Ango Mustapha

Mustees Clothing

Glade has helped my business grow in all forms, from creating invoices easily to accepting payments seamlessly and so much more. indeed running a business in Nigeria is less stressful with Glade.

Chancellor Nzenwa

Africunia Bank

Glade has got revolutionary services that are here to disrupt finance as we know it and we are glad we crossed each other's path.

Abdulhameed Yunusa


My favorite things about Glade has to the fact that they are no pesky hidden charges, takes about 10 minutes to get a business account and the customer service is lightning fast! You really don’t know how much you need Glade until you start using the service.

Abel Adugam Nibori


When it comes to handling payments, Glade has always been on it's feet to ensure the process is seamless and when ever we encounter little issues the support team is extremely fast in resolving them. Speed and seamless experience is what we love about Glade.

Seun Awoyele


Glade has been effortless to use and helps with payouts to our developers. It has become super reliable with instant transactions and bulk transfers.

Chukwuma Okeke

Canbillaire Nigeria Limited

We have worked with Glade over the years on a number of projects. I’ve always found them to be responsive, friendly and up-to-date with all the technology – which everyone knows is constantly changing. I recommend Glade completely.

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