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What is Glade?

Glade is a fintech company that seeks to offer the best Digital Bank platform for MSMEs across Africa. Our product is accessible via web and mobile applications for Android and iOS phones, which allows businesses to open corporate bank accounts from multiple countries, accept a deposit, make fund transfer, online & in-store payments, access to credit, tax payment, staff payroll, expenses management, overdraft, invoicing, vendor payments. Additionally, we give businesses a free debit/prepaid/virtual cards which can be used online and in stores around the world, and for which you can monitor movements and expenses from the Glade web or app. Download the app, register and receive your Glade card at no cost.

Who is part of the company?

Glade is a team of technology and business operations experts, with experience in countries such as Nigeria, Netherland, and the UK. The founding team worked for several years at banks, the education sector, software companies, and other financial institutions where its focus was in the area of payments and transactions of the platform. Our investors are The Baobab Network based in Silicon UK, and with extensive experience in successful projects in the area of fintech and tech startups.

Why should I use Glade?

Our mission is simple. A well-defined digital financial services company with a drive to offer top-notch solutions using state of the art infrastructures to enhance innovations and help Businesses in Africa to grow globally.

What are the required documents for using Glade?

For Business: Certificate of Incorporation, Valid means of identification, Utility bills, and a Corporate account.
For Individual: You need to submit your BVN and Identification ( National ID, Driver’s License or International passport).

How do I sign up?

To sign up on Glade you need to navigate to click on "Open an account" button on, you can sign up as a Registered Business or an Individual. Provide the required information and you would be logged into the dashboard.

Digital Bank

What are the benefits of Glade digital bank?

When you bank with Glade, the possibilities are endless. The great features you can expect when you bank with us are a current account, free debit, virtual, prepaid and expense card, loans, overdraft, funds transfer, etc.

Can I use the issued account number to perform any transcation?.

Yes. Glade account number allows you accept payments from your customers and also transfer funds anywhere in the world.

What can make me eligible for the loans?

Making monthly frequent transactions.

What is the cost to get my Glade card?

Currently getting your Glade debit card is free of charge.

Can I use my Glade card abroad?

Of course, your Glade debit card is a card that works online, ATM and in-store around the world that accepts payment with this type of card.

Is there a charge attached to card collection?

No. The Glade card is given to you for free.

Can I pay for tax also on Glade?

No. You only calaculate your monthly tax.

Can I request for an overdraft if I have accepted a loan?

No. To get access to overdrafts you have frequent monthly transactions and no pending loan.

How can I block my Glade card?

Your Glade card can be locked and unlocked directly from your application, immediately. In case you cannot do the blocking you can contact our support team from the app, or by sending an email to and we will help you to solve it.

What type of card does Glade offer?

By downloading the app or registering on the web, you immediately get access to banking services and virtual cards which you can use to make expenses purchases. Additionally, we will send you a physical debit card.

Can I withdraw cash using my Glade card?

With your Glade card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs throughout the country and in other countries.

How can I activate my Glade card?

If you have already received your card, activating it is very simple. Activate the card from the app or web and it will ready for immediate use.

How can I change my PIN?

If you need to change your PIN, it is very simple. Just access the Security section from the app and you will see the option to update it.

Payment Switch

What is Payment Switch?

Payment switch is all you need to recevie online and in-store global payments.

I sell on social media platforms, no website. Can I use Glade to manage my sales?

If you need a webstore from us to sell you items. You can create a FREE online store from "Quick Commerce" feature on your dashboard, list your products and services and sell to your customers, receive payments and manage your sales records. Also, you can create a PayMe Link, share the link with your customers across the platforms you sell on. With the link, you can accept both one-time and recurring payments, with or without a website.

Is it possible to receive installment payments from my customers?

Yes. It is possible, to do that from the API settings during the integration. You can send an email to support on or call +234(0)8175574227.

Can I disburse using my Glade account?

Yes. You can use the Transfer Fund featured on the dashboard.

When can I transfer money?

You can transfer money into any bank account, mobile money or e-wallet at a very low rate, as long as you have balance in your Glade account, you can make the transfer at any time.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

To reset your password, navigate to on that page Click on ‘forgot your password’, you will get an email with a link asking you to reset your password, Click on the link to reset your password.

How do I pass the transaction charge to my customers?

To pass Glade charges to your customers, navigate to Settings and click account settings on the dashboard, then select the option - make the customer pay the transaction fee.

How much does it cost to use Glade?

Glade's pricing for Local transactions are 1.4% + NGN 50 and for International 3.5%.

What payment options are available to my customers?

We process both local and international issued card payments from MasterCard, Visa, Verve, Amex and Discover. We also process payments from Bank Account, USSD, Mobile Money, QR Pay, and other alternative channels.

How can funds be deposit into my Glade account?

You can accept deposit into your Glade account from any bank. This type of transfer is immediate and at no cost to you. O yes, no maintenance fee on the account!

Open Banking API

How easy is the API integration?

Our plugins and APIs are easy to integrate. You can explore our API keys and documentation. Integration can be done within minutes. Kindly reach out to support through or call +234(0)8175574227.

What are the list of APIs ?

Account Creation. Fund Transfer. Payment Services. Verification Services. Issuing Services. Digital Services.

I do not know how to go about the integration, can Glade team help me?

We are always glad to help you. You can send an email to support on +234(0)8175574227.


When do I get my payout?

You get paid within 24 hours for local transactions and 14 days for international transactions.

Can we have our daily payouts settled into multiple accounts?

Yes. With our Split Payout System on your dashboard, you can add other accounts and receive split/instant settlements into multiple accounts without having to manually transfer funds to your partners.

Do I get a report when my customers pay me?

Yes. You get an email notification and the detailed full report from your dashboard of who paid, payment mode, payment type, payment time, payment location etc.

Can I have other payouts for my business, if I don't want next-day payout.

Yes. Simply update your schedule payout from your dashboard settings settlements and automatically funds will be added to your dashboard Transfer Fund balance when you receive payments. You can use the Transfers Fund feature to send it to your preferred bank account. You can send an email to support on or call +234(0)8175574227.

Is there charges for payout to my bank account?

We don’t charge for Payouts.


What personal information does Glade require to open an account?

Full Name.


Phone Number.

Business Name (not required if an individual business).

Business Address.

A government-approved ID card (National ID card, Drivers Licence, Voters Card, National ID Card or International Passport).

Bank Verification Number (BVN).

TIN Number (not required if an individual business).

CAC document, if a registered business (not required if an individual business).

I believe that my account has been used by someone else without my authorization. What should I do?

If you see movements that you do not recognize from your account, we suggest you perform the following steps as soon as possible:

Lock your Glade card from the web or app in the section where your card appears. When you click on the card, you will see the button that says "Freeze". Press it and your card will be locked instantly.

Change your password, by clicking on the settings section, click on password and the change to a new password.

Report the incident to our support team from the app or by sending an email to Our team of experts will review your case and will contact you to follow up.